the one and only traveller’s rest breathes a history

that stole the number one spot for Bahamian food for centuries.


its cuisine has always

remained a premium component. now under new management, travellers rest has returned better than ever. not only does it drape the most spell binding Bahamian views with a clear look into the Atlantic horizon, it boasts of a heavenly oceanic aroma and natural breezes that skip about the deck. 

this time around, the five star restaurant provides a little something for everyone as it presses play on a full cigar and rum lounge to allow the smokers some due fun. 

they also give way to a very full sleeve of events all week long with happy hour

a Thursday staple, wine down Sunday’s with live soloists to deepen the spell. 

Happy hour is met with bucket and food specials and its staff is hands down the absolute best on the island.  poised, well spoken, swift waiters and a chef that continues to steal the show on the entire western shoreline. 

every time you step out to eat or enjoy a beverage it should be a memorable experience. step into a work of sure service and perfection here at the one and only traveller’s rest.

Grill ut-2.png
Grill ut.png